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Welcome new board members for 2017.

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We are looking forawrd to Events in 2018.

Please mail your membership renewals to our SFVGA Treasurer: 

new memebrs must fill out application form available here to download.

 Mr. Dinesh Mehta, 7615 Glade Ave, #120.Canoga Park, CA. 91304

lease send your tidbits, Good News, Birthdays, Graduations, Lottery Winning, Child Birth, Something you want to brag about, Somethig beneficial to all members, we will pubish it all here.

Upcoming Events for 2017

 Board have planned following events in the year 2017. Please mark your calendar so that you do not miss any of the fun events. As we are still waiting for membership dues from some members, committees will be assigned during the next board meeting in February. Meanwhile as Holi and hiking are first two events, we have formed committees for these events




2018 Board Members.





Uttarayan: January 15 - Sunday

Holi: March 12- Sunday

Hiking: April 22 – Saturday

Sports day-picnic: May 14 – Sunday

Kids retreat: June 10-11 (tentative based on the availability of retreat center)

Boating: Sept. 9- Saturday

Camping: August 18-19-20 (tentative based on the availability of camping site)

Navratri: September 30 – Saturday

Diwali: October 21 – Saturday

Cultural program: November 11 (tentative based on the availability of auditorium)

AGM: In December – date TBA

We, friendly and accomplished Gujarati families have created and are proud of our Extended Family, our SFVGA Our Mission is To preserve the cultural and social and religious values, promote the educational and recreational experiences and heritage of the Gujarati people living in Southern California.
How SFVGA Accomplishes its Mission:
SFVGA organizes several Events every Year. In these events we
..Celebrate our Indian festivals such as Navratri and Diwali
..Organize family get together by going for Outings such as Camping, Boat Trip and Beach Party
..Sharpen ours and our childrens' sportsmanship by organizing Sports Day, Kyte Flying and Hiking
..Show our talent by organizing and performing in Cultural Events
..Satisfy our needs for Indian Music, Drama, Literature by inviting accomplished artists
..Enjoy our Western Orientation by celebrating Valentine's Day and Mothers Day
..Meet, Talk, Socialize, Make Friends, Contribute to worthy causes and have fun, fun and fun
..Facilitate our children and us to become life long friends
..Last but not least enjoy delicious Indian food in our events.
How SFVGA Works: (And for those who don't know, it works beautifully!)
At the end of every year at general meeting we elect or nominate seven board members. These board members finalize about 8 to 12 events and the budget for the events for the coming year. The board creates committees of members for these events. Depending on total no. of members and events there can be 5 to 10 members in each committee. Each SFVGA member family becomes part of at least one committee. The committees are responsible to organize and manage their assigned event. This way every family members gets a chance to host and work along with other committee members for one event and attend and enjoy the remaining events in the year. The board provides help and liaison to each event committee. This is a short and rough description. Please see the BYLAWS for details.
Membership: SFVGA membership is available to anyone who is referred by an existing member. You can be a member any time of the year. Membership is valid for the current calendar year. Please fill out Membership Application and Waiver of Liability Form and mail it to: Mr. Dinesh Mehta 615 Glade Ave, #120.Canoga Park, CA. 91304
Current Members are requested to be active to recruit new members to have their families take full advantage of our culture, food, festivals, friendship and fun that we are enjoying.
2017: SFVGA is looking forward to make 2017 an exciting year. All members are encouraged to take part in all events, help them make successful and enjoy at the same time. Board Members of 2017 are looking forward to communicate with you for any questions and resolve any issues. Once all membership forms are received the board will finalize the list of events and post all events on the website for your perusal.
Website: We like to make our web site more interesting, up-to-date and useful. Please provide your interesting news, photographs, tidbits to add content to our website. Please bookmark and make visit to this website your habit.
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